Auditorium apparitions–Macon, Georgia

Macon City Auditorium
415 1st Street

Among ghost hunters, theories correlate limestone and paranormal activity. This may be the case in the Macon City Auditorium which is faced with Indiana limestone with an interior composed of Georgia marble, a form of limestone. Conceivably all this limestone may be the cause of the residual paranormal activity that has been experienced within the grand structure.

When the building is empty, its halls still sometimes echo with the sounds of events: parties, performances and other gatherings. Music and the buzz of murmuring voices are sometimes heard in darkened spaces. One staff member reported to Mary Lee Irby that he and another person witnessed a “dark distinctive shadow or mist” drifting in the balcony of the auditorium.

City Auditorium, 2007, by Macon Dude, courtesy of Wikipedia.

The numerous Greek Revival structures throughout Macon inspired the architect, Edgerton Swarthout, to create this classical masterpiece. The building matches the size of the Pantheon in Rome and the vast expanse is covered by what is—reportedly—the largest copper roof in the world. Completed in 1925, the City Auditorium has played host to numerous performances, conventions, meetings and events.


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  1. you should know that you can also smell perfume in the stairwells and lights in lower parts of building will turn off and on at different times. as myself and another employee walks the building everynight. also the macon centreplex, and macon convention center along with the macon marriott hotel. alot of mist, shadows and doors, lights all unexplained but seen!!!!! we know and see these things on a nightly work week. we are the employees that work here over the years.

  2. we need to have a paranormal investation at these buildings. empoyees that have worked here for years and yes it is all true, and have multiple witnesses that are still employeed here today. this is no joke!! can't stress it enough. please …. its just not stopping all the buildings all haunted beyond belief. touches, hot/cold spots, voices music, chairs, and doors, lights move, without a clue how or what it is in these buildings.. need help to justify what we all all dealing with here and what do they want. again this is no joke. all is true.

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