Ghost Encounter of the Month Club—New Orleans

NOLA T-Shirt of the Month Club
630 St. Ann Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

In my work documenting the ghosts of the French Quarter, I have encountered two thoughts that are incongruous. The first thought says that every building in the Quarter is haunted and must have at least one, if not more, ghosts. Secondly, I have discovered that there is little information on the haunting of a vast majority of the places in the Quarter. Most information pertains to the most famous of haunted places, leaving tremendous shadows on other locations. After combing through many books, websites, and conducting innumerable Google searches, finding new places is exceedingly rare.

I was overjoyed to find this small t-shirt shop, the NOLA T-shirt of the Month Club, on St. Ann is reporting paranormal activity; activity which has been caught on video. The French Quarter is populated by hordes of t-shirt and souvenir shops catering to the many tourists that throng the streets. Notably, this is the only t-shirt shop in the Quarter that has reported activity to my knowledge.

600 block St. Ann Street New Orleans Louisiana
The NOLA T-Shirt of the Month Club occupies the building in the right side of this photo. This 2019 photo is by Infrogmation, courtesy of Wikipedia.

The owners of the shop recently discovered that some paranormal activity was captured by security cameras. In the video, it appears that a side door moves with a bright orb appearing a short time later that shoots across the store. This video clearly captures the activity. After being alerted to movement, the owners did not find that anything was amiss inside the store. (The video can be seen in the link in the sources.)

One owner noted that they hear the occasional disembodied footsteps and they have had a lamp turn itself off unexpectedly. Other than that, the owners are taking their ghost in stride saying, “I believe if the store is haunted than it is definitely a friendly ghost who loves T-shirts and the spirit of all things New Orleans.”

According to the Collins C. Diboll Vieux Carré Digital Survey, a project of the Historic New Orleans Collection, the building is a typical townhouse that was constructed around 1840.