A haunted TV studio–Tennessee

Greystone (Camp House)
1306 North Broadway Street NE
Knoxville, Tennessee

Throughout the South, hauntings can be found in unlikely places: Wal-mart stores, fast food restaurants, and amusement parks among them. From WATE-TV 6 in Knoxville, Tennessee, comes word that their own studios may be haunted. The studios are located in a rambling, Richardson Romanesque Victorian-era mansion that even gives the appearance of being haunted. Constructed by Major Eldad Cicero Camp, Jr., the wealthiest man in East Tennessee at the time, the home took five years to construct and featured elaborate woodwork, jeweled stained glass windows and imported marble mantelpieces. The house remained in the family for some forty-five years after completion and then was divided into apartments by the family.

Greystone, 2010 by Brian Stansberry. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

WATE moved into the house in the 1960s and restored the house adding studio space in the back. Most recently, the house was investigated by the team from Appalachian Paranormal Investigators. Station employees have had experiences throughout the old house including a door that will not remain closed and a custodian who filmed something moving on the second floor which she filmed on her phone. The results of the most recent investigation will not be known for a few weeks. This is not the first investigation on the premises. The home was investigated in 1988 and the investigators detected the spirits of a man and a teenage girl.

Something interesting to note, one of the comments notes that the t-shirts worn by the Appalachian Paranormal Investigators team has the word “Appalachian” misspelled.



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